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Discover Monday; Cider Monday

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This Monday we have a very special treat. In addition to our usual wine selections we have THREE amazing ciders from the County Cider Company. All for only $5/glass:

Tortured Path
Inspired by ciders from Somerset, UK; this dry cider is funky, with medicinal and earthy notes and is made from bittersharp and bittersweet apple varieties blended with Golden Russet. This is for the true cider lover seeking a traditional, tannic and highly complex cider.

Blood Orange
The original County joined with fresh Blood Orange essences. Medium sweetness countered by hints of tart citrus. Bright citrus flavour forward accompanied by smooth vanilla undertones presenting a full pallet experience.

Waupoos Premium accompanied by natural Peach essences from the Niagara region. Sweet yet refreshing cider with ripe peach flavours and balanced acidity. Peach offers pleasant effervescence and a refreshing finish.

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