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The secret to our Manhattan

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It all starts with our Canadian Rye and Alberta Premium Dark Horse is the key:

Alberta Premium showcases all the spicy, peppery notes of high-rye-grain whisky. And now those whisky drinkers seeking richer, more robust, and more sophisticated flavours can reach for Alberta Premium Dark Horse. It’s simply an extraordinary symphony of rye.

A mingling of 12-year-old rye whisky and 6-year-old small pot rye, Dark Horse has an 8% dollop* of well-aged corn whisky added to flesh out the body. The whisky is aged in heavily charred American white oak barrels, and is bottled at 45% alc/vol. Rich oak caramels and vanillas imbue Dark Horse with classic bourbon notes which complement the signature spiciness of Canadian Prairie rye grain.
According to Beam Canada’s Canadian Whisky Ambassador, Dan Tullio, “Dark Horse is one of the richest tasting Canadian whiskies with some of the highest barrel ageing extractives available.” Whether it’s the power of suggestion or a happy synergy with the name, the way Tullio tells it, “When tasting Dark Horse, you experience a horseshoe-shaped pattern on the tongue, with tanginess and spice on the sides and sweetness on the tip.” Honestly, once he said it, I got it.


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